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The relaxed way of life and daily sunshine make you a true lover of Spain. However, this can be quite a switch from a business point of view! There is a lot you have to know when buying or renting a property in Spain. The mañana culture and language barrier could form an obstacle.

Property Consultancy Spain is here to take away your worries. Our extensive expertise on different professional areas makes us unique in Spanish brokerage. No more vague deals between multiple parties. Because we have all expertise required to guide you in buying or property in Spain! This allows us to be transparent from the start so you won’t be confronted with unpleasant surprises. We are one team with all the know-how!

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Buying or renting a property in Spain

You can consult us for buying or renting a property in Spain. You are consulting a team with personal advisors. You will always receive purchasing guidance and legal support. Do you require additional advice? Then you can expand your team. Below we will give you a better insight in how buying or renting a property in Spain works.

1. First acquaintance

We listen to the desires and needs of our customer. What are the preferences? A villa on the island of Ibiza or an appartment in lively Valencia? Every type of property has its own characteristics. The customer will be provided with tailored advice. Furthermore, the clients financial possibilities are being reviewed in this fase.

2. House hunting

Together we will go house hunting for your Spanish dream house! You can expect an active attitude from our advisors. Is your dream house not among our offer? No problem, we will extend our search to fellow brokers. All this so we will find a property to match your desires!

3. Planning a visit

A property that fulfils your desires is found! We value personal attention during the proces. That is why you receive support and advice when booking a viewing trip.

4. Dream house found!

In Spain, it is of great importance to buy or rent a property free of defects. That is why, in this phase, the property is checked by our legal department. Are registrations, living permits and licences correct? Is the seller’s/letter’s background correct?

5. Price agreement

A carefree property starts with making clear arrangments. We take care of negotiating for the purchase price or monthly rental amount. In this, we are on the customers side. This is because our commission has been communicated at the start. No hidden deals, but transparent agreements.

6. Deal!

After agreeing on a price, certain matters are wrapped up. In case of buying a property, this could by arranging the financing with a Spanish bank. Or in case of renting a property, drawing up a correct rental contract. After this, we can celebrate the end of the process!

Tailored advice in Spain!

  • Only one contact person for the complete buying or rental process.
  • You make use of our network to find a suitable property.
  • You will receive legal advice and contract are drawn up and checked for you.
  • You can communicate in English about the Spanish process.
  • You will see that the team is working fully on the customers side.

Expert says...

“It is truly great to work in this professional team. We are able to provide clients with tailored advice on multiple areas, such as mortgage adive but also legal support. Because of the confidence that has grown, we can count on each other. This is very pleasant for mutual cooperation, but also for the client!”

Francsico Estevan EFS Abogados.

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