Transparent Prices

In Spain there is often confusion about what the actual costs are for the services of a real estate agent. Sometimes commissions are calculated upfront, sometimes it is calculated in the purchase price and sometimes both! This is off course unpleasent for the customer, because it brings many uncertaincies.

at Property Consultancy Spain, we do things different! As the first real agency in Spain, we make prices our transparent to our customers. This way the cooperation between you, the customer, and us will be based on confidence and transparency! We like to keep things easy and enjoyable for both parties!

We start with the commission charged for buying property in Spain


Working method

Our service is based to serve the client. That’s why we show how commissions are composed. The differency between the purchase price before and after our mediation,is shared! In our method, the real estate agent is rewarded for saving the customer money! This emphasises the fact that we work inthe interest of the customer! We are not rewarded by the selling party.

In this video we explain our working method.

A guaranteed 1,25% advantage on your Spanish purchase price!

What many buyers do not know about

Purchase price construction in Spain

In Spain it is very common to include the commissions for the selling and purchasing agent in the final purchasing price. The visible price for the customer has commission inluded in the price. We share our commission with you. That is why, at our first meeting, the purchasing price is lowered inmidiately. Purely as a result of our transparant communication. And because we like to keep things fun for our customers and our agent!


Negotionating for the best price!

Ons team gaat voor scherpe onderhandelingen, om een marktconforme en eerlijke prijs te krijgen voor koper en verkoper. Our team will pull out all the stops in negotiations so our customers will recieve a fair price for purchasers and sellers. Knowledge, experience and sense of negotiations are essential in this. That way we will generate segnificant cost savings again, on the purchase price. Zoals bij de commissie, delen we mee in de besparing.commission, we will share the cost saving. The difference between asking price before and after the negociations will be shared. Property Consultancy Spain will do their absolute best to negociate the best possible price for their customer.

Standard commission

Working method

Share your cost reduction


Team of experts in Spain

We launch your file at the first invoice of € 2.995,-. For this amount our real estate agent and lawyer get to work! The real estate agent will search for suitable properties and the lawyer will give legal assistance. At the start of our cooperation, you will know you will always save money on the initial purchase price. Van de opstartnota ontvang jij 50% terug, aangezien dit deel in mindering gebracht op onze uiteindelijke commissie.

Team guidance real estate agent

  • 50% commission on the difference between the initial asking price and final purchase price. Hierbij wordt 50% van de opstartnota van € 2.995 in mindering gebracht.

Team guidance with legal advice

  • 0,6% from the purchase price You pay the lawyer after the completion date at the notary.

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Start-up invoice of € 2.995,-

Real estate agent house hunting

Looking for your dream house!

Consult a lawyer

For the legal check and support.


For an honest and market-based price

Your savings

After negotiating you will know your savings You also know our commission from which the start-up invoice will be deducted.

Complete purchase

The contracts will be signed at the notary and you are now owner of your own Spanish property! Felicidades!

Transparent benefits

  • You pay a start-up invoice of € 2.995. The real estate agent and lawyer can get to work.
  • A property is found with an asking price of € 400.000.
  • Standard agent commission of 2,5% will be deducted from the purchase price and the agent negotiates a purchase price of € 285.00
  • Agent’s commision: 50% of € 15.000 = € 7.500
  • You save: € 7.500
  • Lawyer’s commission: 0,6% from the purchase price with a minimum of € 2.450 = € 2.450.

Renting a Spanish property

You prefer renting a Spanish property Use our network to find you desired property! It is important to keep a record ofterms and conditions to avoid any possible problems in the future. Our (legal) team will help you put these together, Our start-up invoice does not apply to renting a property.

Renting a property by using our housing offer

De landlord/letter pays the commission (one month rent)

Renting a property via external housing offer

The tenant pays the commission (one month rent)

Owner of a Spaninh property?

Your real estate agent in Spain!

  • You alwayshave acces to our legal and real estate advice.
  • A party who clearly is on the side of the customer
  • Always benefit from our lawyer who settles the legal part.
  • Transparency in pricing gives trust and clarity.
  • As a purchaser you benefit fromthorough negotiations from our real estate agent.
  • As a tenant you do not pay commission if the house is rented from our offer.
  • You always end up saving money when working with Property Consultancy Spain

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